Black & Proud · sad · words

Down the gun barrel

See past the colour of his skin as you aim
Before you let the words of someone else make up YOUR mind
A black woman loves that man
A black woman waits for him to return home just like yours does
He would do anything to protect his woman just like you
He loves her just as you fiercly love your woman
A black woman will stand by his grave, grief stricken likes your would
The man down the barrel of your gun has a heart and flesh just like you
He would leave a famiy behind just you would
A child wishes to learn how to conquer the world through his guidance like yours
Before the trigger goes off don’t maim because it amplifies the sound of your hateful leader
Before you tear a family apart remember he’s scared just like you are
Before you decide to hate hima nd choose who to love based on skin colour, remember he deserves to live just like you
The man down the gun barrel has aspirationsand wants to once look back at his life instead of only living as memory becasue he died too young
All th black men out there are just fighters who want to live just like you do.


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