sad · words

Winged creature

She stood stoic
Gaze lost in the roaring blue that pulled and pushed away
I could feel her silence in the chaos of the beach
A drumbeat of her turmoil
Building, frayed and tumultuous
Then it burst
The noise that came
Soundless but somehow I heard a screech
Like a wounded bird of prey plummeting to its death and screaming for someone to save it
Her body vibrated
In tandem with the strong gusts around her
Regurgitating the past like poison her body couldn’t stand to stomach
The memories leaked
Dripping in succession and created rivers as her mouth gaped silently
Canyons cracked open as she pushed
Ripping the wings from the fleshed crevices where hurt had hidden them
Slowly, with each tear she morphed
A fast moving change that created a glowing inside her
Her arms finally shot out
Embracing the naked and new self in the wake of her memories exit
Finally making a bed for her torments to lie and let her be a girl again
a phoenix of possibilities.


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