Angry · sad · words

Deathbed of dreams

There was a time I skipped to school
There was a time I dreamed of finishing school
There was a time I liked walking through the gates
There was a time I loved raising my hand in class to answer a question

But now I cower in the corner
With classmates a year younger than I
Afraid and ashamed of the words other people utter
I sit at the back, throat clogged with lead heavy words

I’m a trapped bird,
I’m a girl stopped at the gate because I refused
I’m a failure because I should sleep with my teacher to pass
I’m doomed in this unending present because I said no and angered a male

Girls keep coming to sit with me
Girls frustrated like I seethe and fear going to school like me
Girls who are fed up keep reporting the teachers but fall on deaf ears
Girls who were smart like I, sit in this death bed and watch the future go

The male teachers have found their way to stagnate our minds
Our lives are ruined by either fear or punishment of being held back
We can’t speak our minds and expect to rise up and have our opinions heard
Girls should give men what they want because it’s seeped into our culture

I hate watching the sun set everyday
I cry and rile at how unfair it is for me
I hate the man who holds my grades and future prisoner
I hate that he saw it happen as a young boy and aspired to be a beast too after graduating as teacher

Men who have power don’t do a thing until the lion comes to their doorstep
Men who should be angered by this turn a blind eye and expect it to end
Men who have known of it and done nothing are just as bad and should be ashamed
Men who continue to prey on our dreams and laugh as years pass us by should all go to hell

But I want my future back
I will rally for my dreams
I don’t want girls to be stuck in limbo like I
I want change and I will take it

I just need a hand to hold, as I take my second step.


2 thoughts on “Deathbed of dreams

    1. We shouldn’t have to hide but its the age old entitlement handed to men which makes them feel as though they can have everything at no consequence and its taking eons to shift that mentality.

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