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Mental health

I know men with minds in cages
I know men who still think like boys
I know men who have never grown up

The boy I call a brother is stuck
The boy I knew never grew up
The boy I want to help doesn’t know how to accept help

I watch from the outside of a cage
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Factories of heartbreaks

The clawing chill forces it’s familiarity on me
Lurking in a den where carcases hunt
Behind clamped lips, fears and denials drum like a mantra
The scrape of metal as the slates of beds slide out feel too loud
‘No, not her’

It’s a factory of heartbreaks
Forgotten names and sorrows encased in plastic
They tell no tales of the demise in this vast last cause of abandonment
‘Not her, either’

My clammy skin despite the winters in the room wars with my racing heart
The circle must come full, my panicked mind ventures
The wardens thumping feet forcefully jolt me to the present repeatedly
I wish my quest doesn’t end with a silence in this tomb
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Dream weavers

In a country where hopes never make it
Dream dangle in tattered nets
Rusty rims whose baskets long tore away
Loop holes to futures where mansions and high thread count sheets exist are mounted in courts
Hobbies to pass time between friends
Curious on lookers fingers latched on fences like trapped birds, old dreams passing the batons
Quick foot work and fast dribbles crisscross the faded marked lines
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Poison love

My naiveté bore my death,
Wide eyed
I plunged my efforts into this duel called marriage
But broken wasn’t in my vocabulary to act as internal alarm,
Until you peeled my skin with your disrespect
While I retaliated with denial and painted furiously over the mistakes to fix you
The eyes by the banks so far away fed on the chunks of my flesh that you flung until their scornful gaze began to perversely dress me,
My humiliation sang such high notes I believed to be a singer not born of this world
Had I known there was something within me to lose in the beginning, I’d never have let you cox me into this colosseum,
In panting breaths what could have been a healthy relationship lies cast on the dirty murky ground wishing it were dead Continue reading “Poison love”