Black & Proud · happy · words

Dream weavers

In a country where hopes never make it
Dream dangle in tattered nets
Rusty rims whose baskets long tore away
Loop holes to futures where mansions and high thread count sheets exist are mounted in courts
Hobbies to pass time between friends
Curious on lookers fingers latched on fences like trapped birds, old dreams passing the batons
Quick foot work and fast dribbles crisscross the faded marked lines
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Black & Proud · sad · words

Missing locks

I remember my grandmothers words
I remember the flow of th ancient tongue she spoke
Closing my eyes I feel the eyes of my ancestore brus my palms
I remember the fluency
I remember she told me to never forget.
My mother tongue still rolls off my tongue
My voice foreign to the generation tagging after me
My wors connect my soul to my past
Free and Promising
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