Love · sad · words

Salt on my lips

There’s so little love in the world
The easiest thing to born in a soul
But it’s rare like angels dust
For some, it’s a black moth in a pitch black room
Filtered words that only echo from a distance
Longing that sometimes dies still waiting
I don’t remember much when I saw hands around a body
Submurging bodies in pure emotion that some say is as light as a breeze
Sometimes, when I dream about it, I let myself drift too close to maybes Continue reading “Salt on my lips”

Love · words

Beautiful Black

Black child why do you sneer at your reflection?
Black child why do you tilt your head to hear the negative noise?
Black child why you only look at the reflection staring back?
Step closer
Peer into the girls eyes looking back at you
Right your head and still your mind to shine the light

Black child why you touch your skin with such heavy distaste?
Black child why do you frown and wish you looked lighter?
Black child why do you let yourself feel unworthy at the sight of your colour?
Caress it Continue reading “Beautiful Black”