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Poison love

My naiveté bore my death,
Wide eyed
I plunged my efforts into this duel called marriage
But broken wasn’t in my vocabulary to act as internal alarm,
Until you peeled my skin with your disrespect
While I retaliated with denial and painted furiously over the mistakes to fix you
The eyes by the banks so far away fed on the chunks of my flesh that you flung until their scornful gaze began to perversely dress me,
My humiliation sang such high notes I believed to be a singer not born of this world
Had I known there was something within me to lose in the beginning, I’d never have let you cox me into this colosseum,
In panting breaths what could have been a healthy relationship lies cast on the dirty murky ground wishing it were dead Continue reading “Poison love”

Love · Romance · sad

Confetti of my heart

You don’t understand my choice
Because you fell in love with me too fast
Where as I took my time
I took my time to study you
To know your likes and dislikes
To learn your body language
To know what made you angry
To know what made you laugh or got you awestruck
To know why you sometimes hide with words when something is too emotional and you don’t want to be hurt
To know how you perceive things
To realise that sometimes you get vague to avoid topics when you get frustrated
By the time I fell for the man on the inside
You were on the way out Continue reading “Confetti of my heart”

Love · Romance · sad · words

Talks under the stars

Will you lie with me under the dark canvas glittering over us
While I beguile you with my words
Give you hopes and dreams I won’t follow through with
Will you give me your precious time
To let ourselves get lost in the moment and I disappear on you soon after,
Gone with the wind
I’ve pulled you in with my half truths Continue reading “Talks under the stars”

Love · sad · words

Puff promises

Its all empty
The rooms
The space
The hearts
But mostly its her soul
They revolve in and out
Each suckling at the remnants of the little the last left
Every new one comes with promises
Filled with hope and determined to dull her shine through lies
The walls around her drip with her dying hopes
The smoke staining the walls all she has to remember them
Breaking as the boots stomp the front as they run once she gets attached
She never gave up on love Continue reading “Puff promises”

Love · sad · words

Salt on my lips

There’s so little love in the world
The easiest thing to born in a soul
But it’s rare like angels dust
For some, it’s a black moth in a pitch black room
Filtered words that only echo from a distance
Longing that sometimes dies still waiting
I don’t remember much when I saw hands around a body
Submurging bodies in pure emotion that some say is as light as a breeze
Sometimes, when I dream about it, I let myself drift too close to maybes Continue reading “Salt on my lips”