Angry · sad · words

Jail bird

The white walls
The silence
The yelling
My fear
My numbness
How did I end up here
And forgotten.

The man at the podium with his hammer thought mw guilty
The twelve people who sat and listened to both sides of stories decided I was guilty
A lof of people thought I was guilty
But I’m not.

At sixteen I was being sex trafficked by a pimp
At sixteen my veins werr being pumped full of drug cocktails
At sixteen I was raped repeatedly on a daily basis
At sixteen they were breaking my will minute by minute. Continue reading “Jail bird”

Angry · sad · words

Deathbed of dreams

There was a time I skipped to school
There was a time I dreamed of finishing school
There was a time I liked walking through the gates
There was a time I loved raising my hand in class to answer a question

But now I cower in the corner
With classmates a year younger than I
Afraid and ashamed of the words other people utter
I sit at the back, throat clogged with lead heavy words Continue reading “Deathbed of dreams”

Love · Romance · sad · words

Talks under the stars

Will you lie with me under the dark canvas glittering over us
While I beguile you with my words
Give you hopes and dreams I won’t follow through with
Will you give me your precious time
To let ourselves get lost in the moment and I disappear on you soon after,
Gone with the wind
I’ve pulled you in with my half truths Continue reading “Talks under the stars”

Love · sad · words

Puff promises

Its all empty
The rooms
The space
The hearts
But mostly its her soul
They revolve in and out
Each suckling at the remnants of the little the last left
Every new one comes with promises
Filled with hope and determined to dull her shine through lies
The walls around her drip with her dying hopes
The smoke staining the walls all she has to remember them
Breaking as the boots stomp the front as they run once she gets attached
She never gave up on love Continue reading “Puff promises”