sad · words

Winged creature

She stood stoic
Gaze lost in the roaring blue that pulled and pushed away
I could feel her silence in the chaos of the beach
A drumbeat of her turmoil
Building, frayed and tumultuous
Then it burst
The noise that came
Soundless but somehow I heard a screech Continue reading “Winged creature”

Angry · words

Devil talons

It takes moments to loose something precious
It took me seconds to lose my innocence
It took an adult knowing what they were doing to rob me of a childhood
Palms clammy
Heart a flutter
Mind going numb
I stood like everyone else
Hands on the wall, still, and hoped none of my friends would mouth back
When you’re black, doing anything human in this part cold get you killed
Because it’s wrong, in the the eyes of the law
Like any day, that day was like any other,
It’s compton, my hometown, a place you love but fear equally
I hated being human and having to be subjected to routines that reduced us to beings lower than everyone else
The profiling
The underhanded handling Continue reading “Devil talons”